Frequently Asked Questions

You can change your account’s general information in the “My Profile” section and update such data as: payment account change, e-mail contact, postal address, phone number, etc. Follow these steps:

Log in to our website

In the “My Account” section, click on “My Profile”

How do I know if the website was approved or not?

You will receive an email (at the address you entered when registering your site) within 72 hours.

What are the criteria for a site to be approved?

The site must meet some requirements:

  • Contents in accordance with the law (without inciting hatred, drugs, violence, racism, pedophilia …).
  • Having real content and being constantly updated.
  • Having an attractive layout (not making background and text color combinations that render the website unreadable or difficult to understand).
  • The website must be fully completed/published.
  • It cannot be a mirror site that redirects users to another site.
How to choose the best profile for my website?

When registering your website or blog, look for the advertisers that best fit the content of your pages. Choosing the right profile will improve the chances to increase the conversion rate of your campaigns. Think of the target audience of your website, and of the profile of the advertisers that you want to promote.

Can I choose the Campaigns in which want to participate?

Yes. Once your registration is approved on the platform, you must access our platform, and in the All Campaigns menu you can subscribe to those that interest you the most. There is no campaign subscription limit, you can participate in as many campaigns as you want.

What kinds of remuneration does Afilio work with?

Access the Publisher section – remuneration methods, and see all our models. If you have any doubts, please send an email to

I already use other affiliation networks. Can I sign on to Afilio nevertheless?

Yes, we do not require exclusivity, you can participate in other programs and in Afilio.

Can I abandon a campaign whenever I want?

Yes, you have absolute discretion to choose the period in which you want to convey any given campaign.

Must I pay to register?

No, simply sign up, wait for the approval and start monetizing your inventory with the available Campaigns on the platform.

Who can become a publisher?

Any individual or legal entity. All you need is a website within our rules of approval, and to complete your registration at our site:, in the Publisher section.

I want to advertise, what do I do?

Please contact us by phone (11) 3294-7958 or (21) 2244.8888. A sales officer will be assigned to analyze your request, review your business profile, and once the contract is signed you are ready to publish your campaigns.

How do I become a publisher?

Visit our PUBLISHER section and fill out the form with your personal data and your page URL. It is important to enter all your contacts, such as phone, email and Skype. These are necessary for Afilio to contact you and complete your registration process.