The Company

Afilio Marketing de Performance

Focused on performance marketing, Afilio was established in 2008 and provides its customers, agencies and advertisers with  better web and mobile results, whether in leads, sales or brand exposure.


To provide digital marketing solutions and strategies for customers and suppliers so that they can achieve the best performance results and an excellent ROI.


To lead the performance market in Brazil and to consolidate our international market share, while being recognized for the excellence of our services and for our relationship with customers, partners and employees.


Respect and Ethics: With employees, customers, suppliers and society.

Proactivity: We believe in anticipating problems and creating the conditions to deal with adversities.

Continuous Improvement: To dare and believe that we can always do more.

Commitment: to the results, to the performance, to the achievement of established goals.

Teamwork: To combine the strengths of our employees, working for a common result.

Valuing human resources: To value those who work on a daily basis in our company and its surrounding areas, while respecting their individuality.