Business Models on Performance

We provide solutions for all kinds of performance campaigns. Tell us about the ideal business model for your campaign and we will deliver the best performance.

We have a dedicated team for each campaign to optimize the results within our network.

  • CPM – coste por mile (impressions)

    The commission is paid for every 1000 times a banner is displayed. Best for campaigns that aim to generate traffic and greater brand visibility.

  • CPC – Cost per Click

    Remuneration for every clicked banners and / or links that direct the user to the site / hotsite chosen by the advertiser. Qualified and targeted traffic, a campaign that seeks to increase the number of hits, ideal for branding campaigns.

  • CPA – Cost per Action/Acquisition

    Commission based on a given user action, such as buying a product. The commission may be a percentage of the sale or a flat fee set by the advertiser.

  • CPL – Cost per Lead

    Commission based on the filling out of registration forms, from the most complex to the simplest. Suitable for performance campaigns that seek to increase their active base, or receive data from people who want to purchase a product or service. Example: attracting users to a newsletter, an insurance form, credit cards, universities.

  • CPD – Cost per Email Sent

    Negotiation based on the hiring of email marketing triggering for qualified and targeted bases.

  • CPI – Cost per Install

    Campaigns in which remuneration is based on the installation of an application (mobile) or of software and toolbars (web).