How our Affiliate program works?

how does our system works

How our Affiliate program works?

1- In our system, the first contact the advertiser has is with our sales team to define the objectives of the campaign, the specifications, compensation format, and contract details.

    –  In the CPL and CPA campaigns type, the technical team Afilio sends the pixel to be activated on the advertiser’s site. After the implementation and carry out the screening tests your campaign is ready to be launched on the platform and start the disclosure to affiliates.

   – In the CPC and CPM campaigns type, just that the advertiser send us the material disclosure and trakeado link, according to our guidelines, which we will start the campaign.

2- The Advertiser receives a login and password for access to our platform, from there you can view impressions, clicks, sales or registrations of the campaign. This monitoring is done in real time, with different reporting options.

3-  By the end of witch month of campaign, Afilio performs the validation of the results with the advertiser.

4- The results validated by the customer are confirmed on the platform and are also visible to affiliate with it, we throw an IP with the final amount to be paid by the advertiser.

Our members also have access to the platform, and the payment process takes place transparently, as reports indicate the status of sales / registrations after customer validation.



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