How does our Affiliate System Works?

If you haver a website, a blog, or a webpage and to monetize its results, it’s very simple. With Afilio you display our advertisers’ ads and earn money from the results generated through leads, sales or display.

1 – Join our SYSTEM  once approved as a Publisher, you will have access to our platform, where you can check all the available campaigns and select those you wish to participate in;

2 – The Advertiser approves the campaign’s publishers according to the sites’s profile, target, content and promotion type.

3 -The Publisher receives (within three week days) a confirmation e-mail communicating the acceptance or rejection of his participation in the campaign. Once approved, the Publisher will have access to all the advertiser’s promotional materials, such as banners, text links, discount coupon and email marketing pieces.

4 – On the platform, the publisher visualizes the results of his performance, with access to different reports.