Remuneration Formats

We are a platform that provides solutions to all kinds of customers. We offer many formats of remuneration based on different types of commissions according to the needs of advertisers. Afilio pays according to the following formats:

  • CPM – Cost per Mile

    For every 1000 banner displays on the screen of your website users, you will get a commission. The more single users you have, the more you earn. Generally these are campaigns that seek to generate traffic in order to strengthen or launch a brand.

  • CPC – Cost per Click

    For every click on a banner within your site, you will get a commission. Very common in branding and traffic campaigns.

  • CPA – Cost per Action or acquisition

    Every time an Internet user visits your site, clicks on a banner (or any other graphic material) and purchases a product, you get a commission. The commission may be a percentage of the sale or a flat fee.

  • CPL – Custo per Lead

    CPL refers to the cost for a specific action, most commonly your user’s registration on our customers’ websites. Whether to simply increase the number of people interested in the product or service offered by an advertiser, or for the purchase of a course or package, for example.

  • Double Click

    Your commission is registered every time some qualified traffic – a user with a real interest in the product – is generated. You therefore get a commission only when the user makes a second click while browsing a given website. The most common format is with advertisers who work with price comparison (or click-store). In such cases, the conversion occurs when the user goes through the comparison process and then clicks in order to visit advertiser’s partner store (click out)